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Be honest. How long has it been since your mattress has been lying on your bed without it being cleaned or disinfected? Forever, for most people at least! It is probably stained and smothered with germs by now; and no surprise there, we do use it every single day!

We pay so much attention to freshly-washed sheets, making sure our bedding looks beautiful, comfortable, and hygienic at all times we also wash our mattress covers, but amid everything else, we forget the very basic foundation of the bedding: the mattress!

Seldom, do we think about all the dust and debris that accumulates on the mattress. The skin we shed, allergens and dust mites, all make the mattress their home. And the situation is even worse if you have pets or kids.

Professional mattress cleaning has never been considered an option. At most, some people dust off the top layer of the mattress and think their work is done. But, that’s far from the truth.

If you don’t want to call a mattress cleaning service, you need to deep clean your mattress on your own. After all, who wants to sleep on a bed of bacteria? Not us!

How to clean a mattress?

First things first, ensure you don’t have anything else planned for the rest of the day. The task is probably — slash that, it’s definitely going to take a lot of time and will leave you feeling drained.

If you have taken on the challenge of learning how to clean a mattress, you need to be prepared accordingly.

For good ventilation, open your bedroom windows. Start by vacuuming the mattress. A regular vacuum, with the upholstery attachment, is good enough. Or, if you want to approach the matter in a more professional way and clean the mattress to its core, you can get one of those “steam” cleaners that you rent from a big box store, specifically made for deep cleaning. The whole top layer and sides have to be thoroughly vacuumed, ensuring that the little notches along the edges are cleaned too. Then, flip the mattress over and repeat the process if you have a mattress that you turn.

Before proceeding, inspect the mattress for any stains. If found, use cleaning products to get rid of them. Just to be safe, test the cleaning product on a small patch before using it on the whole mattress.

Odour- the next step is deodorizing the mattress. Start by sprinkling a box of baking soda on one side, let it sit for 4-6 hours. Vacuum off the excess powder, before flipping over the mattress, and then apply the baking soda on the other side too. For a more pleasant sleeping experience, spritz a bit of essential oil at this stage.

Once you’re done with the baking soda, apply a disinfectant spray on both sides of the mattress and let it dry. Vacuum the mattress once more to remove any residue.

Deep mattress cleaning not only takes time but is also exhausting. Moreover, you may also have to make other sleeping arrangements if you started late in the day. Simply vacuuming the mattress wouldn’t be very effective in getting rid of the germs.

Or… You can save time and effort with professional mattress cleaning

The best option is to hire a mattress cleaning service. We provide professional mattress cleaning services in Edmonton, Leduc, Beaumont, Devon & surrounding areas. Therefore, if you don’t know how to clean a mattress or think it’s too much work, don’t fret! We have the equipment and now how to get the job done quickly and not only do we clean your mattress, we sanitize it too. And you can usually sleep on it the same night. We’re happy to help take the entire load off your shoulders!

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